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Textile Industry

The textile industry is primarily concerned with the production of yarn, and cloth and the subsequent design or manufacture of clothing and their distribution. The raw material may be natural, or synthetic using products of the chemical industry.

Blow Room Automation

Automation in textile industry involves automation of

  • Ring Frame
  • Fancy Yarn
  • Auto Coner
  • Carding Machine
  • H-Plant
  • Blow Room Automation

Ring Frame Automation

Difference between Conventional Ring Frame & Automatic Ring Frame

Conventional Ring Frame

  • We have to change the pulleys if there is demand of another count of thread.
  • In conventional cam machine we can achieve only upto some particular speeds
  • There is no scope of energy saving.

Automatic Ring Frame

  • No need to change pulleys only speed setting of front and back roll
  • We can customize all kinds of speeds
  • We can save upto 30% of energy

Material transportation - Link Winder System, Automatic Roving Transfer Systems Ease of machinery maintenance - Machines equipped with self guided informator, automatic lubrication, automatic waste removal Servo Drive system, which allow machine setting by touch of button. Possible to manufacture fashion yarn like multi twist , multi count , slub yarn. Possible to implement spin identification system. ( on line quality monitoring & identifying the spindle producing inferior quality yarn).