Servo Rotary Automation
Customer's Objective
According to the customer’s requirements the speed of all the AC motors should be increased and decreased group wise as well as individually.
The position of the two servo motors (Lexium 23) should be adjusted to obtain the accurate thickness and weight of the biscuit.
Two weighing scales should be used to get the weight of the biscuit at both the sides of rotary and the weight should be displayed on HMI.
All the faults of the VFDs and Lexium 23 drives should be displayed on the HMI.
Customer's Benefits
Customer is getting group speed increase/decrease functionality and group start/stop functionality of all the ac motors.
Due to servo motor, the wastage of biscuit is reduced and production is increased.
Due to the servo motor, he is getting the accurate weight of the biscuit as required.
Customer is getting the load parameters of all the drives on HMI.
Customer is getting the ON/OFF status of all motors by the animation in the HMI.
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