Sugar Mill Automation
Customer's Objective
According to customer’s requirements the speed of Rack Elevator will vary according to Donally Chute LEVEL. When donally chute level increases the RE RPM will decrease and vise versa. The RPM is to be filled by operator as per requirement. The no of steps is to be tablelize as per the no of donally chute level sensors & first step is on zero level.
Cane carrier speed will vary as per ratio (set by operator) between RE speed & CC speed. The CC speed will be = RE RPM(L1)xCC RPM (L1).
Cane Carrier speed will also vary according to cane blanket level. So the CC speed will be =RE RPM(L1)xCC RPM (L1)x Blanket Level Factor.
In SCADA, there should be reporting of all the VFDs regarding the operating interval of the same.
If Leveller load goes higher than Load SP for set time, the CC speed will reduce as per set ratio.
If Fibrizor chest pressure goes higher than set point, the cane carrier RPM will reduce as per set ratio.
If Motor load increases the RPM will increase & vise versa. Mill Load v/s RPM SP is to be filled by operator in table.
Customer's Benefits
The production of the juice is increased as the customer is getting automatic speed increase and decrease functionality of mill motors according to the donally chute level sensors and load of motors.
Due to this functionality, the break downs are decreased as there are less jams of sugar cane pieces.
The imbibition control is also automatically adjusted according to the quatity of sugar cane pieces at mill no. 3.
Customer is getting the trends of all motor loads and rpms.
Customer is getting the status of no. of juice tanks produced in every shift in a day.
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