Laffer Machine Automation
Customer's Objective
Customer needs a system, so that he can maintain the tension of the cloth running in upper and lower drums of the laffer machine.
According to customer, the speed of the upper and lower motors of the machine should vary according to the dancer attached at the back side of the machine.
According to the customer’s requirements the speed of all the AC motors and Servo motor should be increased and decreased whenever required.
The machine should be controlled by one HMI.
All the faults of the VFDs should be displayed on the HMIs.
Customer's Benefits
The production of the system is increased as the whole process is automatic now.
As the speed of motors are varying automatically according to the tension of the cloth, so there is no wearing and tearing of cloth during the process.
As the operator is getting the fault status of all the VFD’s, So it becomes easy for operator to find out which motor is faulty.
As the system is giving trouble free performance, so its easy for operator to operate the whole process.
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