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Paper Plant Automation

Customer's Objective

  • Customer needs a monitoring system, so that he will be able to find the actual working and non working hours of the various machines present in the plant.
  • Operators used to fill false log files of working hours and break downs. So the customer was not getting production according to the working hours and he needs a permanent solution for this to record the working hours, non working hours and break downs more than 20 minutes.
  • Customer also needs a report file explaining minute wise tracking of plant and daily report of plant, and this file has to be generated and saved automatically at a predefined time.

Customer's Benefits

  • Customer is getting the status of all machines (ON/OFF) at his desk.
  • After the commissioning of this project, the production of the product is increased.
  • Customer is able to get the minute wise report of whole plant.
  • At the end of the day, customer can check the production according to the working hours of the plant and he can validate the same.
  • Customer is able to get the daily report of whole plant shift wise and validate the performance of the shift engineers and operators.
  • After validating the daily report, he can plan the future actions, which are need to be taken to increase the production.

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