Modicon M258
Performance, openess and flexibility Thanks to a performant CPU (22ns/inst), embedded communication ports as Ethernet & CANopen master and advanced built-in features as data logging, WebServer and FTP server.
Speed up machine design
SoMachine software
Maximise operation and reduce maintenance
Diagnosis through transparency and remote access
Reduce size ,cost & assembly time
  With basic configurations close to machines needs
100 % flexibility & optimisation of your machines with “Flexible Machine Control” : 1 software environment, Multiple hardware control platforms : Logic controllers, Motion controllers, HMI controllers, Drives controllers
Improve your machine performance
Independent axis up to16 axes
Typical digital I/O needs: up to 2400 I/Os
Typical analog IO needs: analogue I/O: 12 ou16 Bits resolution
Advanced features: HSC / Reflex output / Event Tasks Peripheral devices :
  Drives, servos: Up to 16 (avg. 8)
  HMI: Graphic
  Upper level connection: embedded ethernet
Discover : "Flexible Machine Control"
1 software environment SoMachine
Multiple hardware control platforms :
  Logic controllers Modicon M238
  Logic controllers Modicon M258
  Motion controllers Modicon LMC058
  HMI controllers Magelis XBTGC
  Drive controllers Altivar IMC
Just incomparable
Compact and totally expandable, the Modicon M258 Logic Controllers are destinated to the machine builders (OEMs) by offering performant solutions in terms of speed control, high speed counting, motion and communication networks. It has been designed in order to satisfy the market requirements in terms of simplicity of installation and evolution.
2 offers are available for standard or severe environment. The protection of products dedicated to severe environment enables Modicon M340 products to be used in:
General machine control
Modicon Premium - TSX 57
With the new Premium processors in the Unity range, there is no need to worry about restrictions…
5 IEC languages as standard : LD, ST, FBD, SFC, IL.
High performance CPUs with 37 ns per instruction and up to 7 Mb of programme
High-level multitasking system
A compact system (very high density modules) particularly at ease in extended architectures (distribution of 16 racks in real time without repeater)
An extensive catalogue of application-specific modules (safety, reflex processing, counter, position control, motion, weighing, data storage)
New High End processors
All Ethernet TCP/IP Transparent Ready services: IO scanning, Global Data, Web server, e-mail messaging, direct access to databases, TCP Open, Network Time Protocol, etc.
Numerous built-in ports: USB port, Ethernet TCP/IP port with Web server, CANopen or FIP master port, Modbus serial port
The widest connectivity offer on the market:AS-Interface, Modbus Plus, INTERBUS or PROFIBUS DP
Winning products right across the board
More flexibility and openness...
Premium offers unrivalled performance, reducing cycle times and avoiding any need for optimisation, thanks to the integration of more diagnostics and production data, freedom of communication and access to generic programming.
Complex and special machines
Manufacturing processes
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