The Altivar 212 is a variable speed drive for 3-phase asynchronous motors from 0.75 kW to 75 kW. It is specifically intended for the most commonly encountered fluid management applications in tertiary sector buildings (HVAC): heating, ventilation, air conditioning and pumping. Due to its eco-energy based design, energy savings of up to 70% can be achieved compared to a traditional control system.
Characteristics :
  Altivar 212 covers motor powers between 0.75 kW and 75 kW on the following supplies:
200…240V 3-phase, from 0.75 kW to 30 kW, IP 21
380…480V 3-phase, from 0.75 kW to 75 kW, IP 21
380…480V 3-phase, from 0.75 kW to 75 kW, UL Type 12/IP 55
The dual port enables a dialogue tool and a communication network to be connected at the same time.
  Speed range: 1:50
Transient overtorque: 110% - 60 s.
Integrated EMC filters, categories C1 to C3 depending on model
Communication bus most commonly used on the market integrated: Modbus, METASYS N2®, APOGEE FLN P1® and BACnet®. Optional: LonWorks
Complies to international standards and certifications: UL, CSA, C-Tick and NOM
Antiharmonic technology enables a THDI < 30% to be achieved
Centred on Centralised Technical Management
Instant viewing of the energy consumption.
Detection of failures for quick intervention: belt breakage, pump running dry, phase failure, supply fault, etc.
Preventative maintenance for reducing costs and optimising the equipment: fault alert, operating time, etc.
Connection to building supervision network using embedded protocols.
Centred on user-friendliness
Tools for installing, parametering and viewing the installation (remote graphic terminal in 6 languages, Multi-Loader, Bluetooth and SoMove Mobile).
Compact size.
Simple maintenance.
Centred on protection
Continuity of service assured.
Dedicated “Building” series functions (fire mode, register monitoring, mechanical protection function, etc.
Ventilation :
Less noise pollution (airdraulic noise, motor noise, etc.).
Detection of transmission component breakage.
Smoke extraction: forced start with fault inhibition.
Automatic restart.
Allows register management.
Heating and Air conditioning :
Optimise control in fluid processing.
Use of PID controller (temperature, flow rate, pressure, etc.).
Adjustable flow rates for better energy management.
Suppression of mechanical resonance.
Pumping :
Detection of underload/overload, pump running dry.
Multi-motor configuration.
Limitation of operating time at low speed.
Sleep/Wake function.
Pressure surge suppression for prolonging the life of the installation.
Time and cost savings
For the equipment installer and the cable technician:
A single, standard tool
Less wiring
Local controls on the front panel
Side-by-side mounting capability
For the programmer :
Rapid programming in just a few clicks using the navigation button
For the user :
Remote graphic display terminal for remote configuration
Multi Loader for storing configurations and loading them quickly
Simple Loader for duplicating and loading a configuration
SoMove software for configuring on PC and transferring the configuration via Bluetooth® or using a cable
SoMove Mobile software for modifying or sending a configuration remotely via mobile phone
Increased productivity
Energy saving :
Design and installation cost savings provided by the SoMove software workshop
Auto-tuning: Shorter setup time and optimum performance levels
Total compatibility with the Altivar 31 in terms of both hardware and software, providing extended product replacement options
Compact size :
Enclosures can be smaller (integrated EMC depending on the model and side-by-side mounting option without derating)
Standards and certifications:
EC/EN 61800-5-1, IEC/EN 61800-3 (environments 1 and 2, categories C1 to C3), CE, UL, CSA, C-Tick, NOM, GOST
Extremely user-friendly yet packed with advanced communication features! The Altivar 31 range is replaced by the Altivar 312 range.
Ease of communication:
Modbus and CANopen integrated as standard
CANopen Daisy Chain, DeviceNet, ProfibusDP
Ethernet/Modbus and Fipio/Modbus gateways
Simplified user interface:
Configuration via mobile phone (Bluetooth®)
Intuitive navigation
Local controls on the front panel
Numerous application-specific functions
Auto-tuning for optimum performance
Integrated EMC filter
Rugged for use in all environments
A wide choice of voltage ranges
Handling and packing
Textile machines
Special machines
Pumps and fans
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