Rubber Industry
The human element in the process of rubber compounding has been, and will continue to be, the most critical component in assuring the quality and consistency of the final product. Yet despite the reliance on an experienced and insightful operator, the rubber-compounding process, which in the past has stubbornly defied automation efforts, is now undergoing a re-examination. Advancements in the field of process automation and batch-control management are forging important inroads into the industry . We can provide end to end solutions for all stages of manufacturing in Rubber based industries like manufacturing of Tyres, Tubes & Hoses.
Flow of Process
Banbury- Automatic control of temperature, timing, pressure during mixing of rubber and other compounds
Automatic rubber coating of wire according to tyre size
Rubber Coating on nylon and cotton fabric. Automatic control of temperature & speed control during process and synchronization of heating drum, calendar line, cooling line & winder
Cutting of coated fabric according to size of tyre
Building of tyre shape
It involves automatic control of high pressure, temperature and vaccum ;
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