In today’s scenario, to survive in the global competition every industry is forced to use automated machines. These automated machines are built in with PLCs, Drives, Sensors and Pneumatics.
Whether you’re an experienced Engineer, a practicing Technician, or a Fresher or Students from ITI's, polytechnics and engineering colleges who have chosen electrical, electronics and instrumentation streams as their fields of interest. For those our Training Centre, offers Summer / Winter Training /Industrial Project. It is the leading source of education and training programs to enhance your skills in the field of AUTOMATION.
Automation Systems is the most advance hub of Industrial Automation training. We provide training on latest automation products like PLC’s Ac Drives, HMI & SCADA used in Industries. “Teaching & Learning with Technologies” always serve as a future backbone for engineers in building their career in this competitive world.
“Today’s industry needs engineers with adequate exposure in the field of automation apart from their conventional academic as well as industrial experience.”
So we designed various practical training modules to fill the void of training needs of the industry in the field of Control & Automation. Automation Systems is committed to provide quality-training services as a bridge between an academic institute and an industry. There are very less such type of institutes who are operating in carrying out hands-on practical training courses. Learning Automation through a hands-on practical training is the necessity & goal of every automation professional .
The course will be organized in different batches for the Fresh engineers, working professionals, & Summer/Winter trainees. We will also provide the on demand training program to those technical staff whose company desirous of meeting training needs of their employees. Our Automation courses will give you the needed skills to start or grow a technical career. Please go through our extensive courses to see what best meets your need!
Course Code : BIAT:
Basic control system
Implementation of digital logic in industry
Need of automation
Industrial sensors
PLC basic
History of PLC’s
PLC architecture
Practical Exposure on following make of PLC
Schneider Electric,
Allen bradley
Course Code : APLC
Complete software knowledge with ladder programming
Hardware wiring of different PLC and on board simulation
Wiring source /sink concept
Implementation of mathematical functions
Usage of compare and operate block with ladder logic, transfer of program from PC to module & online simulation
Fault finding & troubleshooting,
Hands on experience on real time applications.
Software developments of industrial projects
Course Code : ADRV
Basics of AC motors
Full knowledge of drive internal parameter settings
Criteria for drive selection,
intro to AC drives & applications,
Communication with PLC ,
Soft starter & their advantages over conventional starter.
Course Code : BSM : intro to Servo motors & drives , applications of servo motor, diff. bet. Servo drive & VFD.
Course Code : AHMI
Creating application pages
Creating alarm pages
Downloading /uploading a program
Interfacing through PLC
Course Code : SCS
Creating displays or graphical user interfaces which correspond to the automated plant
Animating displays by assigning different properties like orientation, position, action etc. to images
Course Code : PD : Introduction to switchgear & accessories, Basics of control & power drawings, General wiring guidelines/practices, , maintenance & troubleshooting of control circuits in live panels.
Course Code : PI : Intro with various sensors, transducers, Temperature measurement(RTD, thermocouple), Flow/Pressure /Level measurement working principles & types, Control valves, PID.
Customized training
Personality development & interview preparation
Degree/B.Sc./Diploma students of electrical, electronics, instrumentation branches who want to make their career in industrial automation segment
Working professionals from maintenance, projects, production, design, application engineering.
Engineering students desirous of undergoing training
Company desirous of meeting training needs for their technical staff
Why to opt AS?
Faculty having industrial experience
special sessions from project engineers for discussion about latest industrial application
Course not limited to conventional example of PLC programming and incorporate example of latest industrial application like calendar automation, boiler automation etc.
Industrial equipments placed with in a lab to create an industrial atmosphere
live project exposure
Modernized practical labs with latest automation equipments
Day & Time flexibility specially designed for Professionals .
75% practical classes & 25% theory classes.
More Job opportunities.
You can build a career in high growth automation industry. PLC hardware and software training helps you get the job you want, you will gain excellent working knowledge and will develop confidence to take a higher challenges coming your way. This can enhance your faster growth and boost your technical skills
We assure if a candidate is completing all the above mentioned course he/she could get a good job opportunities in Leading Organizations .
Many funding programs now require a credential above and beyond a course completion certificate of diploma. The Automation Systems Certification Program accomplishes this and adds value to your students’ education!
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